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Graphic Design Services

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”


Why do you need a logo?

1. Help identify the brand you just created. In order for people to remember your brand more easily, they need as many elements as possible to help them remember it. The logo is one of them.

2. Helps identify the industry you belong to. The logo can be used to make consumers realize what is the field of activity of a company. Thus, if the brand name you choose is not suggestive enough, the logo can help you make consumers realize what you are actually doing and how you can help them.

3. Proves professionalism. All brands concerned with their image choose to create their own logo. Just think of the big names in the fashion industry and you will realize this. Who doesn’t recognize a famous logo like the Chanel brand? Or the H&M logo?

4. Increases confidence. If you choose the right elements for creating a logo, you can make people trust that brand. For example, the color palette used to create the logo can help people perceive your company as an important milestone when it comes to making a choice.

Business Cards

Digital devices are in everyone’s hands, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier to share your contact information with someone.

The information can be sent by email, but this means getting the email address, entering the information, internet connection needed at that time.

Think about how easy it would be with a Business Card.
You will say that some digital devices, such as Android phones or iPhones, allow the transmission of information from one phone to another, but only from one compatible phone to another. The chances that all interlocutors have the same type of phone are small, which makes Business Cards much more useful.

Business cards are not unavailable, they do not depend on internet connectivity. They can also be used in places where your mobile phone will be switched off, for example in an airplane, at the theater, in a hospital, in remote rural areas where the signal of your mobile phone is not so good.

Business Card Design
Real estate business card design
Business card design wood business


PowerPoint is a very powerful tool. Used in public presentations, price offers, internal presentations in companies, presentations of new concepts, business models, business ideas, market research – proper use of a presentation is a real asset.

The mirage of professional PowerPoint presentations fools many: students, teachers, managers, salespeople, trainers. They have all seen in movies, they want to present themselves professionally, they want to convince others of something by adding value to their own materials. 30% manage to be trivial at best, the rest leave a bad impression.

Through this presentation design and optimization service we help you get PowerPoint presentations that sell, energize, and motivate the audience.

Presentations are the most effective way we can support and reinforce the message we are communicating to our audience. Unfortunately, most of the time, PowerPoint presentations are used inefficiently. Slides loaded with too much information, inappropriate pictures, backgrounds lacking originality, a bored and inactive audience are the symptoms of an inefficient presentation.

Through the PowerPoint Presentation Design and optimization service, we will help you create an awesome presentation by optimizing the design of the slides starting from the choice of the color palette, backgrounds, fonts and ending with the optimal positioning of the elements on the slides to increase the efficiency of the message.

We will help you create a template that your entire company can use it to present a unified and consolidated image of the company.

Flyers and posters

Flyers and posters are widely used tools for presenting, promoting and informing customers or potential customers about the services and products offered.
They are easy to use and can save you precious time used to present the necessary information to customers because through verbal presentation people can forget or omit certain details. But what is printed is easier to remember.

A well-built leaflet or flyer, with eye-catching information and pleasing design that clearly addresses a target group, are guaranteed success. It is important that a clear action plan is established before any action. What is offered, Who is it for,  and how to get what we offer are essential things that must be clearly established In order to have results.
Creating a flyer that does not have a well-developed plan behind it often leads to unnecessary expenses with little or no results.
Contact us and find out how a simple leaflet or flyer really becomes a very effective tool for promoting and attracting customers and potential customers.
Remember: The message and the graphics is your key to SUCCESS!

Social media covers and posts design

Social networks show us that it is enough for a message to be sent once to be distributed thousands and millions of times. The graphic content that accompanies posts launched on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks involved in promoting a business stimulates the degree of interaction of the message with the audience you are addressing, which encourages a greater impact on this audience. The photos have a noticeable emotional impact, acting as a manifesto among users.

Promoting a brand on Social Media can have different purposes, in the short or long term: awareness, image, sales, increasing credibility or supporting other platforms. Regardless of its goal, everything happens on a common ground and with a main method: communication.

There are several types of Social Media platforms, different in what they offer and what communities they develop. The most visible are those of promotion in all forms (Facebook) & (Instagram).

When a brand promotes itself on social media, it has two tools at its disposal:

  1. Image: Visual communication through shapes and colors. The creativity of a Graphic Designer is required.
  2. Words: The copywriter deals with messages published, on behalf of the brand, through technical tools (hashtags, quotes, photos with signs) and literary (puns).

Communication in Social Media means, for a start-up, credibility and support. Platforms are the method by which the brand can gain its position in the market. If its offer is worthy of distribution, then Social Media can be the support that viralizes a brand. Such was the video from Spotify when they appeared in the U.S.

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