Professional Logo Design – Importance of the process

Sep 9, 2020

Intro – About Brand

As we know, a brand is visually visualized to multiply the possibilities to reach out to its target audience and be easily remembered by it. Try to convey what the organization, product or service represents by a series of technical elements called visual constants. One of these technical, and very important, elements is the logo.

We intend to discuss in this article, a little at the expense of several key points of visual communication of a brand through the graphical and color codes used professionally, we summarize this article only on logo issues (Logo Design used by everyone).

If the logo created will fulfill these technical functions of identity, differentiation, memory and association, then it will contribute effectively to configuring the personality and acceptability of the target audience.

The logo is the basis, the root, on which a professional visual identity program is developed, which will be taken in mind when starting the process of Logo design.

There are more than five million brands in the world, and the information we perceive on a daily basis is immense and its origin is graphic. That’s why, in this huge universe of brand density, signs, and symbolism, each logo has to meet increasingly sophisticated criteria for having the opportunity to be perceived by the target audience.

pixel perfect agency logo design

Hence the need to count on the services of a Professional Logo Design Agency to benefit from the best services. Do not forget that a Logo can remain on the existence of a brand, so it’s not worth the risk from the beginning.

The name represents the name of the brand or product, properly treated graphically by the Logo Design process, will result in the logo.

A clear and extremely popular example of Logo Design we can give the one from COCA-COLA, where the name of the brand and the product is treated graphically, because the first C has a lower continuity to support the first word but at the same time to make linking to the third C and the next word, having together an ascending curve to the right that denotes ascension, growth, vision … marking positivism and action. A true work of art for those who have done the Logo Design process.

logo design coca cola

If we go further and consider the colors used, we will see that the red color used in the color symbolism is in agreement with the graphics of the text, representing the code for action, energy, etc. and all these things are inspired and project the essence of the basic product (coca-cola), which is a soft drink and by its composition it generates some stimulating effects of the nervous system (via caffeine) that give a good state of mind, predisposes the subject to action and optimism.

As we can see, it is a perfect consistency between all the codes chosen in the Logo Design process to communicate objectively the brand and product message to the public.

Together with the Logo, but not necessarily, the symbol is also used, it can be used alone without mentioning the logo.


The symbols in the Logo Design process:


Figurative symbols

An example can be taken from Lacoste, with green crocodile, representing a free symbol without being associated with the brand or product. Another example is the Audi one, with the four circles, representing the wheels of a car, being a figurative symbol of connotation, the symbol associated with the brand or product.

Abstract symbols

Those are symbols that are not related to something representative of real life but are more of the free or abstract art essence. Here is the example of those from Nike who have a free abstract symbol.


From the Pixel Perfect Agency’s portfolio, of the dozens of logos made by the Logo Design professional process, we mention that an important number was winning graphics works of internationally exposed online campaigns. Here we can give some examples of the most recent (more you can find in the “Portfolio” section of the menu, the “logo design” section)